She’s Here

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The day had finally arrived. 41 weeks and finally it was THE day. She had gone to the doctor the day before and been examined. Only dilated a couple of centimeters…but since she was one week over her due date, they were going to induce. Today!!

She arrived at the hospital and, of course, was very anxious. This was Her first delivery after all. She couldn’t wait to meet Her little girl. She had heard all sorts of horror stories about people being induced and how painful it was; and She was determined to have a natural birth. She’d see how it went. He was anxious too…but He was more excited than anything. She went into triage and found out that the doctor on duty was The Doctor. The one who told her She’d lost Her first baby and who didn’t handle that very well. That made Her more nervous. But She soon found out how little the doctor does during labor and that it would all be ok.

They started the Pitocin drip and things went slowly. Before She knew it She was in a crazy amount of pain. Pain like She’d never before experienced or could possibly even fathom. It was excruciating and exhausting but She made it through. The nurse on duty was wonderful; She stayed by her side and was very encouraging and helpful. He was great too; He didn’t annoy Her or drive Her crazy; He was there for Her. Her Mom was there too and that comforted Her as well. Before She knew it, She was in the bathroom because She felt like She had to “go”. The nurse came in to see what was going on and said “Maybe we need to check you?” She checked. 10 centimeters. Fully dilated and effaced and ready to push.

Ready. To. Push.

Her little girl was ready to greet the world. But was She ready to push Her out? Did it matter if She was ready? Her little girl was very ready. She put Her feet in the cold metal stirrups with Him holding her hand, the nurse holding her other hand and her leg and the doctor ready to catch.

And catch she did. Four or five pushes later and out came Her little girl. Like a bullet. Like a greased little football.

Her perfect, beautiful little girl.

She thought Her little girl was perfect anyway. But the nurse and the doctor said her little girl’s cry sounded funny. They thought maybe she had swallowed some fluid on the way out so after they let Her hold her perfect girl for a few moments they started to work on her. They tried to remove the mucus and make sure she hadn’t swallowed too much. They weighed her and that surprised Her too; She and Matt were not tiny people; She had gained an insane amount of weight; the doctor had predicted at least an 8 lb. baby and now Her daughter only weighed 6.5 lbs. After doing the normal newborn baby check up, they handed her over to her Mommy and Daddy.

They basked in her newborn glow. They kissed her and cuddled her and stared at her beautiful face. They counted her 10 fingers and ten toes and thanked the Universe for this healthy baby girl. She was also determined to breastfeed but so far Her perfect little angel wouldn’t latch on. But She was new at this; they’d try again in a few minutes.

Visitors came and marveled at the newborn baby in the first few hours. She was over the moon. She’d done it; She’d had a natural birth and now She had her beautiful, perfect baby girl.

Life was good.


8 responses to “She’s Here

  1. I kept getting the goosebumps while I reading this. It’s amazing how quickly we go back to our own childrens births when we hear someone elses story.

  2. It’s so sweet to read of Olivia’s entrance into this world.

  3. What a beautiful birth story.

  4. Yay! Olivia is here!
    (Yes, I feel like I am in real time here. Love this series.)

    Isn’t it amazing how there are just details of those birth days that we will never forget?

  5. The minute we see those babies is the only minute that ever matters. It is so special!

  6. What a beautiful story. Will you share photos?

  7. We were blessed to have Chiara at a birthing clinic with a midwife. They, too, noticed her unique cry. Thankfully Chiara was healthy and remarkably, or perhaps un-remarkably, “normal” except for her cry. She also didn’t latch on, but the midwife just figured it’d take her a little time before she’d figure it out. In the meantime we simply fed Chiara with an eyedropper. It was a couple of days later that the midwife and our pediatrician came over to inform us that they thought Chiara had 5P-. We are so grateful that we had at least those two days to enjoy our little angel before the madness of hospitals, doctor’s appointments, therapists, etc. kicked in. Still we wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

    Elastamom, I’m sure you understand. Thanks again for all your stories. They give me strength. May God bless you.

  8. I love this series also! It’s so fun to catch up on monumental things in someone’s life when you met them after the fact.

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