It’s Official…I have questions

It’s Official…I have questions for you today. My head is full on random thoughts and questions. Stick with me if you can…and please answer any or all questions in the comments!!

**Thanks for Momalom for the 5 for 10 series. I had a ridiculous amount of fun and met so many great new people. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it and took part. Thanks Sarah and Jen!

**We are going to Washington D.C. for the first time this summer. Yes, I’m 34 and I’ve never been. We will be there for about 4 days. I’ve read lots of travel books on it…but want to know from you…what are the “must sees” for families? What are your favorite restaurants?

**We’re also going to Disney World. Now I’ve been there and read a ton of travel books on that too…but what are your favorite things to do when you’re there?

**We’re spending a couple of days in Vero Beach, Florida too…any tips for that?

**Does anyone else think that WM, WAHM and SAHMs need to stop judging each other for their decisions and just do what’s best for their family…what they need to do for their family…what they want to do for their family?

**Is anyone else ridiculously excited for the finale of American Idol? I don’t care who wins…I love them both!

**I’m totally dreading summer and anxiously awaiting it’s arrival at the same time. Anyone else?

**Is it weird that I want to hang out with Pioneer Woman all day and eat her food? Or that I’d love to get my camper hitched up to my truck and drive around the country and meet all my bloggy friends?

**We’re going to Cedar Point in June…can’t wait as it will be the first time we take the kids. Any tips on getting your 8-year-old scaredy cat to at least try a roller coaster?

**Is anyone else having a crazy May? I feel like I don’t even have time to breathe.

I told you I was random today. I think it’s all that thinking for Momalom and it’s left my brain all frazzled!!! I think that’s it for now!


16 responses to “It’s Official…I have questions

  1. it’s too early to remember all of the questions and i’m too lazy to scroll back up, so i’ll answer what i remember!

    1. disneyworld ROCKS and i hope you have a great time. no suggestions bc the only time i’ve gone with a child we went to magic kingdom, animal kingdom, and then home.

    2. yes, all the moms just need to get along. i’m a working mom. would i LOVE to be a sahm or wahm mom? for sure. do i LOVE getting out of my house for 8 hours a day and getting adult interaction? oh yeah. i teach, so i get to be a sahm mom for two months out of the year. get the best of both worlds right now.

    3. totally dreading summer bc it’s my oldest’s last before she starts kindergarten. so looking forward to it bc i teach and i am ready for a BREAK!

    4. pioneer woman is my hero. i’d SO hang out with her all day and eat her food.

    5. may. is. nuts. end of school year…my daughter’s bday….. dedicated my youngest daughter…..etc etc etc. *whew*!

    enjoy your day! 🙂

  2. We’ve been to Disney World a bunch of times. You can email with specific questions if you like. Because of the ages of our kids we’ve only been to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom (but only for a couple of hours) and Hollywood Studios. Oh, we’ve done Typhoon Lagoon and Universal Studios as well. We’re going again in September, when are you going??

  3. whew, this was a random all over post. And I’m sitting here laughing at the insanity of myself but I can’t remember a single questions. I need more sleep I think :).

  4. I’ve never been to Disney that sad? bad? good?

    Been to DC once, by myself, on business and didn’t have time to see, huh!

  5. Who are WM, WAHM, and SAHM? Love DC. Museums are always great, can’t remember restaurants for families, I was single when I last lived there, and must do the Vietnam Wall & Holocaust Museum. Don’t know Disney or the beach you are going to. May is absolutely nuts here, can’t breathe or find time to shower! Cannot wait for AI finale. I love, love, love Lee. Crystal rocks but Lee is the man. Just figured out the WM… I agree. To each his own, support women and motherhood and if you can’t say something nice, then shut up! Is that a random enough comment?

  6. Tiffany! You’re killing me here!!

    I only have answers to a few:
    Cedar Point: start with the Iron Dragon. My 8YO is terrified of coasters, too, but this is one that she will do and actually enjoys. It’s very tame and a good way to start the coaster life. (But you and Matt must go on the drag racing one, dang, I’m having a brain fart on the name, but it is awesome!)

    Disney: Magic Kingdom and MGM were our faves. Definitely do a character breakfast (we did princesses which Olivia would love, but not sure about your boys). Take advantage of the fast passes. Rent a double stroller, even if just to carry your bags in. Stay for the parade at night.

    DC: Never been, but email CK.

    Idol: I am a HUGE Crystal fan, but now I am loving Lee, too! Can’t wait for next week.

    See you in your camper when you stop by my house, LOL!

  7. I sooo agree about WM, WAHM and SAHM need to worry about their own families and not judge others! Amen to that!
    I would love you to visit Colo and introduce yourself to me!
    I am so jealous that you are going to Cedar Point. I am waiting until My daughter is a few year older and then I am going to make an effort to get her there. Every kid needs to go to Cedar Point!!!

  8. OK So I know nothing about anything on the East coast so you are on your own for vacation plans.

    I so want to load up and take a huge road trip to meet my blogging friends. Maybe we could start in WA and I’ll pick you up in OH and then we could loop around. We would have to stock up on tissues and wine because there would be stories to tell and tears to wipe. I’m sure the laughter tears would flow freely. Stories are always funnier in person.

    Yes all moms should just shut it and get a long. I can do mommy guilt all on my own I don’t need anyhelp. We are all doing the best we can.

    Did you say May was crazy or are you crazy? I don’t know how to function at anyother speed than crazy:-) I am so looking forward to summer. I am not home with the kids all the time but I do take more time off during the summer so we’ll have time to play. Everything just seems so much more relaxed with you aren’t racing off to school everyday.

  9. DC-Visit the monuments & memorials. I’d skip the National Aquarium, there’s a fee and it’s 3x smaller than the aquarium at the Toledo Zoo. The kids loved the Smithsonian Museum of Science

    Cedar Point-You will definitely want to get a Child/Parent Swap ticket. This allows one adult to wait w/child at the ride exit while the other guest(s) in the party enter the ride line. When the rest of the party in line has ridden & exited, the person who waited with the other small children may enter the ride through the exit and ride without waiting in line. You’ll need to obtain a slip at Guest Services (at the main gate), Park Operations, Town Hall or the Resort Entrance gate (near Magnum). It’s awesome…we used it every time we went to CP last summer!!

  10. I agree that May is definitely crazy. Especially with work and end of the school year stuff and end of the school year for preschool. I can’t believe it is almost over.

    I am looking forward to our extra two weeks of summer vacation this summer!

    We are planning on taking our kids to Disney when Elisabeth is 10, so we still have a few years. I’ll be asking your advice then.

    All Mommies need to get along. I get so overly annoyed when a mom looks down on someone because they aren’t parenting the same way. I say as long as the children are happy and “healthy” (as healthy as they can be) then what does it really matter? Today I went to Elisabeth’s preschool Fun Day/picnic and I took Charlotte too (17 mo) and I let Charlotte have a Capri Sun there and I said that she loved them. The mom I was talking to said, “School is the only place M gets Capri Sun. I don’t buy that stuff at our house.” It aggravated me because of the look on her face I knew she was judging me. This is the same mom that basically made me and a couple of other moms feel horrible because we let our kids drink milk and a lot of milk at that.

    I better get back to making my conference calls. 🙂 WAHM get no breaks. 😉

  11. I’m not ready for Disney or Cedar Point. What’s in Vero Beach? Not interested in American Idol. Before you think we’re not compatible, I swear we’d have so much fun traveling around visiting all the bloggity bloggers out there: the WMs, WAHMs, SAHMs. We’re all moms, after all.
    Oh, and about summer?? Can’t we just wait a little bit longer? I need to keep my kiddo in her preschool bubble for about 3 more years. Summer means we’re that much closer to kindergarten. I. Am. Not. Ready.

  12. when you are in DC you have to visit the spy museum…awesome place. It is not free like the others but totally worth it.

    and yes..all moms need to stop judging..I have been a WM and a SAHM and was not a better/worse mother either of the times..if that makes any sense 🙂

  13. hey- i have loads of suggestions for disney for you. but the most important thing to do (and you must do it NOW) is make reservations for dinners ahead of time. otherwise you will be eating crappy counter service food for every meal. as far as parks, i recommend magic kingdom and animal kingdom. if you want more specifics, you know where to find me!

  14. It may be crazy, but that camper trip sounds like fun! BlogHer next year maybe?

    I love both Lee and Crystal. However, we are rooting for Lee to win. What can I say? Chicago fans through and through.

    We are super mean parents and have not yet taken the children to Disneyworld. I know. I know. I don’t want to hear it…

    As a 35 year old scaredy cat, I still hate rollercoasters. So, my vote is to let them be. They’ll get on if they want to. Otherwise, they really would just prefer not to. Believe them when they say this.

  15. DC zoo and Smithsonian Museums are awesome…have fun. Yes, the jusdgements between the moms needs to end. They can offer so much support to one another. Each family knows what is best or what they need to do for their own family unit and doesn’t make it best for others…period!

  16. Here’s my tip for your 8 year old – DON”T FORCE HIM BECAUSE HE WILL HATE ROLLER COASTERS FOREVER AND EVER. I’m just saying. Maybe you should take Aunt Hurley and he and I can go on the tilt a whirl while you guys go on the big roller coasters. 🙂

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