Where’d My Little Boy Go?

I found out about Momalom and their 5 for 10 idea yesterday…and loved it. So today and tomorrow’s theme is Happiness…and with that I present you with…

You used to look at me and say “We’ll be best friends forever!”; now I have to read the signs and clues to know that you still feel that way…even though you’d never admit it out loud.

I used to be your goddess, the one you wanted to marry, your favorite person in the whole world. Now I get the backseat to neighborhood friends, sports and Dad. But in my heart, I know I’m still the one.

I don’t know where my little boy went or when you became a young man. But it’s as clear as day in these pictures that on the surface you are a gorgeous, joy-filled young man…but deep down you’ll always be my precious baby boy…and that makes me so happy.


20 responses to “Where’d My Little Boy Go?

  1. “We’ll be best friends forever” – I LOVE that.

  2. Gabe IS gorgeous! And, I still love his name! *wink*

  3. What kids don’t understand is that we will always have pictures of their babyhood and toddlerhood etched into our brains. It is hard to not remember those moments when they needed us so completely, especially when they decide it is “uncool” to like their moms. : )

  4. Gorgeous words. And gorgeous boy! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Awww… My son hasn’t gotten to the age where he’s said these things yet but I’m already sad for the day when he doesn’t. Amazing how happy our kids can make us, even in the absence of them saying what we so want to hear. Beautiful boy!

  6. Aw, look at that grin! I can see why it would make you happy.

  7. Posts like this make my heart ache. My son is 18-months-old, and I’m still the sun around which he orbits. I know the day will come when that is no longer true, but I like to pretend that it won’t.

    “But in my heart, I know I’m still the one.”

    Lines like that buoy my spirits.

  8. Oh, man…I don’t think I’m ready to “take a backseat to neighborhood friends, sports and Dad” with my boys! :p I guess I have a few years left, though, I suppose I should keep that in mind. Thanks for reminding me.

    Thanks for the happy post, your son is lucky to have such a great mom!

  9. Glad you joined the conversation. It goes so quick and I always say THIS STAGE IS THE BEST.

    But now, my son is getting ready for college. What is my role now? He will always be my baby.

  10. I love this. They grow so fast!

  11. I have one of those at home!

    The only factor redeeming his long, steady stretch away from me is how deep his love is for me. It’s a natural balance that fills me with bittersweet joy.

  12. I know that what has happened to you, will happen to me with my little girl. My daughter still calls me her best friend (she is four), but I know that will change. I will relish in the happiness of that today. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Okay, I take back what I said about Gabe being your clone. His look and expression in the last photo is all Matt!

  14. I am sad even thinking about the time when my boys will speak to me in grunts and my daughter will slam the door in my face and scream that I just don’t understand.

    So I will enjoy my 6-and-under crowd even more while I still can!

  15. He is so handsome! You’ll always be the one for him, Tiffany!

  16. You will always be the one! He’s got that smile down.

  17. Oh, this is so true. I voiced out loud to my 6 YO son the other day that someday he wouldn’t want to cuddle with me on the couch. He looked at me like I was crazy. “Yes, I will, Mommy,” he said. That knowledge we moms have that things are always changing, kids always growing up… it’s so sweet and so difficult!

  18. In our house we say “keep you forever”. My children still proclaim that they will keep me forever and I them. In various incarnations, sometimes they will stay with me physically, other times they talk about how they will move away but always come back to visit and how I can visit them. There is permanence in these relationships even if they are constantly evolving!

  19. Ok, now I’m teary. I have one of these eight year old young men also. They sure think they are tough now don’t they? But you are right, deep down, he’s still mine.

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