Mommy Tip Monday — Reading Aloud

**Please say an extra prayer today for little Cayman and her family…she has major surgery today at 2…**

I’ve been in love with books forever. My Mom definitely did a great job of instilling a love of reading in both of us girls. It’s something that I wanted to emulate when I became a mother; I wanted my kids to L-O-V-E love reading! So far, so good.

I started reading to Olivia when she was still in the womb and we’ve read books ever since. The boys too. We read a ton around these parts. I just think there’s nothing better than a really good book. You can be transported to places you’ve never even imagined; you can imagine being someone else other than yourself; you can transport yourself to a different time and place just by reading a few pages.

BUT…do you ever go the library and get overwhelmed by the amount of children’s books? And how many times have you picked a few out, taken them home, opened them up and they are…total crap? That’s happened to me quite a few times…that is until I discovered Jim Trelease’s Read-Aloud Handbook.

A friend of mine told me about it a few years ago and I use it all the time. The first half tells you why it’s so important to read to your kids (even if you’ve already figured that out for yourself, it’s still interesting!) and the second half gives you a guide by listening level of great books to read to your kids. It is awesome. I always take it with me to the library.

Most of the time I get it out and use it to request books from the library on the internet before I get there so they are ready for me to pick up. (Maybe not all libraries do that? Geez, maybe I’m spoiled and don’t even know it!) So that is my tip this week. Go buy this book on Amazon and then use it to request books for the library. No more episodes of getting home and discovering your pile ‘o books is filled with nothing but stinkers.

**If you have a mommy tip to share, send me an email and I’ll feature you here!!**


4 responses to “Mommy Tip Monday — Reading Aloud

  1. awesome book recommendation! my 4 yo daughter and i go to the library every monday and i let her pick out books for the week. we’ve hit some good ones and we’ve had a few that i wasn’t sure why it was in the juvenile picture book section. i’m going to have to check into that Jim Trelease Handbook!

    i’ll be an elementary media specialist starting next year, so i’ll let you know if i come across any great new ideas!

  2. I second your recommendation! As a former first grade teacher, this was one of my go-to books.

  3. Great idea! I’m always crazy hoping that whatever books we’ve picked out are winners. Sometimes we get really lucky – sometimes not… My guys love going to the book store and get as excited about buying a new book as they do buying a new toy:) I’ve done something right:)

  4. Praying for that child…

    I’ve never heard of that book, but it sounds like a great resource! I’m going to look for it the next time I’m near a bookstore! Thanks for the tip!

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