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She had made the appointment with the fertility specialist; it was four months away. He was trying really hard to help Her; He would look at Her with desperate eyes and ask “Will you ever be ok again? What can I do to help you?” There was only one answer…She wanted Her baby. She was going to try really hard to just let it go for the next four months and see what happened. She was going to try hard to not think about it every single second of every single day. She would try.

Summer came and school was out. She was finishing up Her Master’s Degree which was a good thing because it kept Her mind off of trying to get pregnant; She also had a part-time job. He continued to be so good to Her, trying to make Her feel better, trying to get the smile to reach all the way to Her eyes again. They, as a couple, were better than ever. Thank God they had each other.

One morning She woke up and started to make coffee and it just didn’t sound good. That was weird; coffee was one of Her favorite things in the whole wide world. She made herself some toast and juice and ate it. Then She promptly threw up.

Could it be?

She went to the store and bought a pregnancy test. She unwrapped it as fast as She could as soon as She walked in the door. She peed and waited the one minute that felt like 1 hour. She didn’t want to look; She wasn’t sure if She could handle a negative sign again.

She looked.


She went back to the store and bought 2 more tests. She went home and took them right away.




***Please pray and hope for Kristen, Mike and Cayman; Cayman was life-flighted to U of M hospital Wednesday night and is stable after surgery but in critical condition. Kristen says all prayers are needed. Thank you.***

5 responses to “Hope

  1. That could me my story

    It was so hard…

  2. YAY! Saved by nausea and the pregnancy test(s)!

  3. I have never had a positive pregnancy test – even when I WAS pregnant with my daughter. I hate them…they always bring me bad news. 🙂

  4. I bet you were never so happy to be nauseous, LOL!

  5. I love being able to go along this journey with you. The good and the bad!

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