It’s Official…A Good Shot is Precious

***Be sure to head over to my friend Heather’s blog, Brotherly Love, today where I’m guest posting in honor of taking time for yourself for Mother’s Day! Thanks, Heather!***

It’s Official…A good shot of my Olivia is so precious to me.

You didn’t think I was talking about a Lemon Drop Body Shot, did you? Not that I know what that is or anything…ahem…

For years, I would go through roll and roll of film trying to get a good shot of Olivia. She wouldn’t sit still; she wouldn’t look at the camera; she’d drool too much and have a huge wet spot on her shirt; she couldn’t hold her head up quite right; she couldn’t stand; her lazy eye would drift; or she just looked plain goofy. It drove me crazy. She’s always been so beautiful to me and I just couldn’t capture it. It was one of those “little” things that I couldn’t have that felt like a big thing. I could take Gabe and get 100 good pictures in a row. But it just didn’t happen very often with Olivia.

Then all of a sudden, she became a total ham and I got a great camera that captures pictures in a split second. I don’t miss a thing. She sits still. She’ll put her hands in her lap. She smiles. She crosses her legs. She looks at the camera. She says “Cheese!” And it makes me so happy. I love it when I can capture a wonderful picture of my little girl.

I’ve also become pretty good at using Photoshop (thanks Crystal!), Picnik and my new lens (Thanks Kristen!). I’ve been trying to get really good at taking my kids’ pictures because I love capturing that moment in time. If I could, I take a picture of my kids every second of every day so I never forget a thing.

It’s the little things that make it all worth while!


11 responses to “It’s Official…A Good Shot is Precious

  1. That’s awesome!! Love both those shots by the way. And which lens did you get? I want a new one too, one with low f-stop, but not sure which one yet. I’ve heard 50mm, f1.4 is awesome (I think that’s the one)

  2. What camera do you use? I have my 35 mm camera that is a great camera, only I want instant results. I have this little digital camera, which takes okay pictures, but I miss the quality of the 35 mm camera. So, I’m looking to buy a new one. Thanks!
    BTW I love the pictures of your kids!

  3. There are pictures that I like, pictures that I love and then there are pictures that literally, take my breathe away when I see them – those are my favorite. 🙂

  4. A perfect picture…and that’s a big deal, not a little thing!

    I just got a EOS Rebel a few months ago, still figuring out how to work it, but so far it’s fun!

  5. HURRAY! (for everything you mentioned in this post!)

  6. That picture of all 3 is wonderful. You need to frame that one for sure!

  7. Thanks again Tiff for stopping by today! The poem put me right over the edge – in a very good way!

    Love your recent pics of the kids!!! Jane has the Rebel SLR – I’m seriously gonna have to purchase that lens for her birthday. She takes all of our portraits of the kids. They’re SOOO much better than going to the studio – it captures my real children, the ones I love!!!

  8. Beautiful children!

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