Wordless Wednesday — My new favorite pic of Olivia


15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday — My new favorite pic of Olivia

  1. That is, indeed, a glorious picture! She looks like an angel!

  2. Well, obvi.
    It’s a GREAT one!

  3. I agree. I love this one. Speaks volumes!

  4. The subject is beautiful, the colors are vibrant and the editing is marvelous. Awesome picture indeed.

  5. SOOOO beautiful! I’d print this one out in a 8×10 size and hang it up right away!

  6. 8×10? I’d go bigger! Haha!
    This picture is GORGEOUS! She looks so angelic and grown up! I absolutely love that child! 🙂

  7. It looks like a memory. A beautiful one.

  8. Gorgeous. But then again, you know that!

  9. Positively gorgeous! So beautifully capture a moment.

  10. Love love love it! She looks so grown up.

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  12. She has such Gorgeous, to die for hair. Best picture ever!

  13. That is such a gorgeous picture. She does look like an angel. And the editing adds to the dreamy feel of the moment. Beautiful.
    Thanks for adding me to your feed 🙂

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