Mommy Tip Monday

I don’t want to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but I’ve been told quite a few times that I have good ideas. Who knew? So I thought I’d share them with you. I’m going to shoot for once a week…but we’ll see how it goes!! (Mapsgirl, if you’re out there, I think I see another button in my future! 🙂 )

Some of my ideas are not original; I get the ideas from magazines or other blogs, etc. I promise to give credit!! I just know it’s nice to not have to hunt for new ideas sometimes…and to know if they work!

I’ve shared with you Daddy Dollars and Gabe’s Checklist
and notes in lunchboxes.

My tip for today is very simple, yet you’d be surprised at how often my friends say “Wow! What a great idea!” even though it’s so easy. Because mornings are insane and we barely have a minute to spare to get everyone out the door, I keep a set of toothbrushes and toothpaste for everyone downstairs…even one for me. Because I swear if I had to go upstairs and get everyone’s toothbrush and paste in the morning? We’d never brush our teeth. That’s the honest truth. This saves a few minutes and definitely my sanity. Good idea, right?

**If you have a tip you’d like to share on Mommy Tip Monday, send me an email at and I’ll put you on!!**


10 responses to “Mommy Tip Monday

  1. We do the SAME thing. On Friday and Saturday nights, the kids like to fall asleep in the living room but don’t like to walk upstairs to brush their teeth.

  2. I look forward to this Monday Mommy Tips. I’m sure I will learn a lot from you.

    My mommy tip is – buy a house that has first floor laundry. My oh my I hate having laundry in the basement!

    • Oh how I wish we had laundry on the same floor as our bedrooms. Ours is two floors down in the basement and I often blame the distance for my infrequent laundry-ing.

      Got any tips for laundry laziness, Elastamom?

  3. I love the Mommy tip idea! This is a good one, I should do this. Looking forward to more!

  4. Great idea! Have a good day!

  5. Now you’re making me wish we hadn’t put a pedestal sink in our bath downstairs. Beautiful to look at but not very practical to store or hide the toothbrushes. What a great idea though! I’m going to brainstorm for an alternative solution – maybe a basket for the dental supplies.

  6. Guess what? We do exactly the same thing! Great minds…:)

  7. It is a good idea! Now, can you get me an upstairs?

  8. Shoot, I have one in my car. Cause I get so overwhelmed in the mornings that uhemmm, I forget a lot!

  9. Love the Mommy Tips!!!!

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