It’s Official…He’s Hot

It’s Official….He’s Hot!

By He, I mean my husband. Do you ever stop and think about what it means for someone to be “hot”? And do you ever think about how your perception has changed over time?

I started thinking about this yesterday at the grocery store. I was, blessedly, alone at the grocery store so had a minute to look around at my surroundings. I saw a group of, what I assume teenage girls would think were, hot teenage boys. All Abercrombied and low-pantsed with Zac Efron hair heading for their cool car. And across the way I saw a 30 something Dad pushing his little girl in the car-grocery-cart with a baby carrier on top. I thought “Now THAT’S hot!”

Back in the day, cool clothes and a cool car would have done me in. And if they played football and were popular? I’m in!!! Now though? You took out the garbage? You’re gorgeous. You emptied the dishwasher? Take me now! You made me breakfast complete with egg whites instead of regular eggs because I’m on my special eating plan? I’m done for. You stayed out in the dark and put up the trampoline for our kids? Sold!

It just struck me as funny that our definition of what’s “hot” changes so much over time. And as a bonus? My husband is actually the traditional version of hot too!!

What’s hot to you?

13 responses to “It’s Official…He’s Hot

  1. Oh, I agree with this! I find my husband so much more attractive when he does something basic like taking out the trash, or sweeping the floor. And when he makes my (he doesn’t drink it) coffee, I fall in love with him all over again.

    I never thought I would feel this way!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more.

    My daughter and hubs went to a father/daughter dance and when they took the picture his arm was around her and his wedding band was visible…I thought that was hot.

    Great post!

  3. For me, it is men who go to church with their wives. I take my kids alone every Sunday. I stare at the young couples together with their kids, or the older couple alone holding hands during the sermon. I don’t know if hot is the correct term, but I sure want that. I also think Dad’s at the park playing with their kids is sooo hot! As usual, great post!

  4. I know just how you feel. When I got home last week and hubby had cleaned out the baby’s room, shampooed the carpet and the rocking chair and put the crib together, he could have had his way with me right then and there. HOTT!!

  5. Ha ha. I couldn’t agree more!

  6. Every time my husband takes our girls without me asking, or when I come home after a long meeting and he’s put the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen, even though I said I’d finish that when I came home. Also, when he’s doing “manly” things, but including our little girls. That’s hot!

  7. *Playing football with our boys
    *His hands with his wedding ring
    *All dressed up in a suit for work
    *And when the boys were babies, when he would be sleeping on the couch with them snoozing on his chest—-made my heart want to burst with the cuteness.

  8. I so agree! I think Hubs wearing his wedding band every day is sexy and I always tell him that helping around the house is the best foreplay ever, LOL!!!

  9. Love this!!! You are so right on the money with this one. Being a great dad is way sexy 🙂

    I have to say though its not fair to tempt me with an early release of the Friday Flashback and then when I click on it it tells me its not available.

  10. What’s hot to me? When your wife has had the hardest past two weeks of her life…and right before her birthday and just in time for mother’s day…you take her to the spa…leave her there….take the baby to the mall…and shop with a pink diaper around your arm with a baby girl all in pink in the stroller and you do some daddy-daughter shopping for the baby! It was the hottest! When they picked me up Daddy had so many bags because he’d gone crazy buying Neesee new clothes…and said ” now I know what you mean when you say you love shopping for her”…my hubby’s getting some tonight! lol

  11. I couldn’t agree more! I saw a dad buying flowers with his kids in the grocery store the other day and it made me swoon!

  12. YES! Thoughtful, involved dads/husbands are the SEXIEST men in the world.

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