Flashback Part XIII—One

The honeymoon was perfect. 10 days in Hilton Head. Day trips to Savannah and Charleston. Dolphin watching and rollerblading. Romantic dinners. Walks on the beach. Heaven.

The first year of marriage was pretty seamless. Living together before they got married helped in that. It felt good to be married; it did feel different. They belonged to each other…officially. They had decided that He would go back to school and finally finish college. He had started and stopped many times but could never decide what career was right for him. That would mean he had to work less and would be gone more…but luckily she had snagged an excellent teaching job…hopefully they would make it work.

Right before they decided that he would go back to school…they bought their first house. It was around the corner from His parents and down the road from Hers. It was a four bedroom; they imagined filling it with children. She had wanted to be a mother ever since she could remember. She had been taking care of people her whole life; it would be a natural transition.

Her first year at her new teaching job went better than expected. She was 22 and teaching seniors; that was a little awkward but the Mrs. in front of her name certainly helped her to seem more authoritative. School was going great for Him; He was entering the physical therapy field. Classes were tough but he was doing it. Or so she thought.

They celebrated their first Christmas by going to the tree farm and cutting down their own tree. They made a giant mess out of the car and their apartment but it was theirs. Right before Christmas break, She found out that He had not been going to his physics class. He had skipped class and went to the final…and no one was there. It was their first major fight. They were struggling to make ends meet and now He threw $1000 out the window on this class. However, like most things, it was a learning and turning point. He really didn’t like what he was doing; this wasn’t what he wanted in a career.

Many talks later, She finally got him to admit that he really wanted to be a physical education teacher. The only thing that was stopping him from pursuing it were other people’s comments. “You’ll never find a job; P.E. teachers are slackers; that’s the easiest job in the world; you won’t make any money.” But she encouraged him to do it if that’s what was in his heart. So he did. And he never missed another class or final and actually earned straight A’s.

Spring came and life was good. The end of her first school year was under her belt. Phew. She survived her 1st year of teaching…which was always notoriously extremely difficult. He was finally on a career path that he truly wanted and was doing extremely well.

They had those long talks that newlywed couples do…where they could just spend hours talking and talking about their future. During one of those talks they decided to try and have a baby. They were beside themselves with excitement. She had always wanted to be a mother; he would be a wonderful father. So the journey began.

Six weeks later the two little lines showed up on the test. She couldn’t believe it. Their first try had worked. She would be due at the end of March which would work out perfectly with teaching. She could take her 6-8 weeks off for maternity leave and then have the summer.


11 responses to “Flashback Part XIII—One

  1. What a cute couple you guys are. And I cannot imagine teaching seniors at just 22 years old…you are one brave woman!

    • It was daunting, for sure!! It was worse when I was student teaching…one kid actually asked me to prom!! I was getting married that weekend so I couldn’t go. 😉

  2. Teachers are the best!

  3. Sounds like the beginings of your wonderful life.
    Can’t wait for more!

  4. I love that you are chronicling your story this way. For someone that’s met you in the middle of your story, it’s a great way to get to know your beginning!

  5. Wait…you taught seniors your first year and it was EASY? You are one-of-a-kind, Elastamom!

  6. Oh, Hilton Head this time of year is just great. Congrats to y’all. SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did!

    It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, Isn’t It?

  7. The best laid plans… We were thrilled that Celia was due in March, so that I could have an extended maternity leave — which led to two years’ leaves of absence and then resignation… Not exactly part of the plan.
    Would you have recorded your story like this if it weren’t for the blog? I have no doubt your children (and their future spouses and children…) will appreciate having this wonderful record of your beginnings.

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am enjoying the ride.

  9. Oh yes, I remember very well the excitement that is felt when seeing those two little lines appear on the pregnancy test!

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