Flashback Part XII—Forever

They had a short engagement. They couldn’t wait to marry each other. The planning went smoothly; she found a dress on her first time out to look. They planned a small, simple May wedding. They liked the idea of getting married in May; He was always hot and it isn’t too hot in May.

She chose bridesmaids, he chose groomsmen. There were dresses picked, flowers arranged, the cake made and favors ordered. She was even lucky enough to snag the town trolley car for their departure vehicle; that was a good omen. They met with the minister who gave Him a lecture when He said he wanted to sky dive. They laughed about it later. The minister kept calling Him by his first name, instead of his middle name which everyone else called him. It made them laugh.

They arranged music, the sent out invitations. They had designed her wedding ring themselves; he just wanted a plain gold band. He talked about how, for their 10 year anniversary, when they had more money, he would buy her a second band to complete the set. There were final fittings, bridal showers, bachelor party and finally the rehearsal dinner. She spent the night at her parents’ house the night before; she missed him so.

The morning of the wedding came. He was going golfing with his buddies; she was getting bridal ready. She went for a walk with her Mom that morning and couldn’t stop saying “I’m getting married today!”. She had just graduated college the week before; it had been a whirlwind of a semester with student teaching and planning the wedding. And yet, miraculously, it was finally here.

She and her bridesmaids had so much fun getting their hair done, doing their makeup, getting in their dresses, taking pictures. Her Aunt came in and said that He had just arrived. She breathed a sigh of relief that he made it here safe and sound. She thought she was so clever because she had left him a card in his bag for the wedding day. He would discover it soon and be even more excited to marry her.

The trumpet sounded; her heart fluttered anxiously in her chest. She made the long walk down the aisle toward Him. All she could see was Him. He grabbed her hand as her Mom and Dad gave her away; the ceremony began. As they were taking their vows and the rings were being blessed, He kept trying to get her attention. Finally, he got her to look at the minister’s hands. There were three wedding bands instead of two. He had surprised her by buying the second wedding band 10 anniversaries early. Tears flowed steadily now.

A short Presbyterian ceremony later, they kissed as man and wife. They were both smiling from ear to ear as they walked down the aisle hand in hand. At the back of the church, he grabbed her in a hug and a romantic kiss. They grabbed each other’s face and said “I love you”.


13 responses to “Flashback Part XII—Forever

  1. So romantic! I love it!

  2. Oh! I love it! Parts of it sounded like my wedding day! But my husband’s brothers thought they’d be cute and when hugging him right before he went to the front, they gave him a massive snuggie and he went thru the whole service like that…
    Very romantic!

  3. Love this story. I think it may be time to add some pictures:-)

  4. I have goosebumps everywhere and watery eyes!

  5. I’m with Mary – photos please!

  6. How freakin sweet. 10 anniversaries early…I love that.

  7. I agree with the ladies, pictures please. 😉

  8. The end brought tears to my eyes! I vote for pics, too.

  9. Pictures are a must!!!!

  10. You get me EVERY time with your flashbacks and this one was no exception. How beautiful that he got both rings. I love Fridays at your place (even if sometimes my life dpesn’t let me get here until Sunday!)

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  12. Cindy Jackson

    Whew. 5:06 am…now I can go to sleep. Reminded me of my engagement and wedding almost 24 years ago. If I can move the dog just a little, maybe I can kiss him goodnight. If he wakes, he will laugh and tell me I am nuts for reading this all night. When I get up to 2 of my 3 children having sleepover guests, I will probably think he is right. Right now, not so much!

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