It’s Official…Olivia’s a Natural!

It’s Official….Olivia’s a natural at hippotherapy!

She’s been horseback riding for almost 2 years now. My Mom takes her and it’s definitely “their special thing”. Occasionally, I go with them and get to see what a natural rider Olivia has become. The last few weeks, she’s been riding alone. She used to ride like this…on a small horse…with helpers.

Now, she rides like this. On a HUGE horse named Andre…all alone.

She goes for long trail rides. Just her and her teacher, Miss Judy. She never complains anymore. She used to say “I want to go to Grandma’s house”. Now, she just rides.

And rides. With her cute helmet and giant pigtails.

And bounces. This uses lots of leg muscle and core strength. Look at her go!

Her favorite part is doing “around the world” so she’s backwards on Andre and gets to smack his butt. Lots of dust comes out too so it’s very productive.

She also loves to pet his ears.

The boys went with me. This one was BORED. How quickly he forgets that his sister has had to sit through a ton of soccer and baseball games…and boy scout banquets.

She has so much fun. She’s so brave. I’d be scared up there on that big horse all by myself.

There she goes…

Are we done yet? To be fair, she’s only watched 5 of his soccer games so far. He’s watched a lot too.

Her new skill….trotting! Scares me to death to watch. She’s absolutely filled with joy when she gets to trot.

She’s learning how to steer Andre and pull back on the reigns to get him to stop.

It’s Official….Olivia’s a natural!

Thanks, Mom, for getting her into this. It’s made a huge difference!!

9 responses to “It’s Official…Olivia’s a Natural!

  1. Wow, she does look like a natural. I was completely fascinated looking at the pictures of her up on that big horse! I cannot for one minute relate to the boys and think this would be boring to watch!! I wish I could be there! I wonder if Cayman will do this someday. That would be neat!

  2. Charity Deleon

    Beautiful!! What a comforting site.

  3. She looks like she truly loves it. It is amazing what horseback riding can do for a child with special needs. I volunteer for a therapeutic riding center near me and we work with people from age 3-adult with special needs. We have students with gross motor problems, small motor problems, developmental, physical and emotional difficulties. When I first found out I was pregnant with my 15 month old I had a student that was terrified of riding the horse, it was excruciatingly horrible to watch and help him every week. But by the end of the spring he loved his horse and he didn’t cry anymore when we put him on the pony. It is so worth it to the students and the volunteers. I on the other hand volunteer there to help me overcome my slight fear of riding (I was bucked off when I was young and have been too chicken to really ride anymore).

  4. Wow how fun. How old was Olivia when she started riding? I think this would be great for Ri when he’s a bit bigger.

    Its official Gramma’s are the greatest! I love that my kids are close to Gramma and it sounds like your mom is officially an awesome Gramma!

  5. That is awesome! She is doing better than I ever would up there!

  6. Stop making me cry! Haha! Happy tears this time though! I LOVE seeing these pictures!!! You’re going to have to move again soon to a house with a big barn and pasture in the back yard so she can ride at home! Haha! Just kidding! Really though… your daughter is one amazing little girl! 🙂

  7. way to go Olivia!!!!!!! love the pics:)

  8. I must admit….I’m thoroughly impressed that she has the courage to do this. I’ve been on a horse once and that was one time too many for me.

  9. She does look like quite the natural!!! What a great thing for her, I hope there is something around like that here for Ella when she gets older! Fun!!

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