How much is that doggy in the window?

My husband is a dog lover; I’m a converted dog lover. Before Matt, I was terrified of dogs. All sizes and shapes; they scared me. So, of course, for our first dog we got a Boxer. One of the biggest, scariest looking dogs around…but our Riley turned out to be the sweetest dog on the planet. We had her for 9 years and she was amazing. She converted me to an official dog lover.

We’ve helped many dogs over the years—taken them back to their owners, kept them in our backyard until we found their owners, etc. My husband can’t just let a dog go.

We now have 2 Westies—Jesse Joe and Jasper James. They’re 2 years old and wonderful dogs too. Matt always wants “just one more” but I’ve always said no. I’ve got my hands full already, don’t you think? When we went to Key West last summer, we fell in love with a French bulldog; we thought Olivia would just be over the moon to have that dog. Alas, he cost $1100 which was WAY over our budget.

Last week, Matt saw a dog roaming around his school grounds. He told himself “Just let it go. Don’t go look at the dog.” And he did. He kept walking and ignored the dog. But another teacher brought it into the building. Knowing that Matt is a dog lover, she brought him down to his office for the day to “hang out”.

Guess who now has 3 dogs?

Introducing….Wyatt Burp Senior. I picked Wyatt because I wanted a “cowboy” name to go with Jesse and Jasper. The kids picked Burp Senior.

He looked a little shaggy. He needed a bath and a haircut.

After he could see, he liked things at our house much better.

He’s so ugly, he’s cute, don’t you think?

Jesse and Jasper were a little jealous and definitely established the pecking order. Now, all is fine.

You still love us, right Mom?

I’m too nice, I know. But he is such a good dog. Quiet, potty trained, calm, soft and sweet. The kids are gaga over him. Olivia comes home every day and says “Where’s my Wyatt?” Matthew keeps calling him Isaac. Gabe wants to know when he can sleep in his room. I guess now we have one dog for each kid!!

Before I leave you today, it is Tuesday and time for Tuesday Tunes! I decided to share with you my new favorite workout/dance song, Shut Up and Let Me Go! by the Ting Tings. If you haven’t heard of them before, you should check them out. They remind me of Blondie from the 80’s and I’m a sucker for 80’s music!!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!!


8 responses to “How much is that doggy in the window?

  1. Aw, he is cute..or I do mean he’s so ugly, that he’s cute? 🙂 And potty trained too?? Wow, someone must have lost their beloved pet. I’m sure he’ll have a good home with you ones.

  2. Well, he couldn’t have been THAT beloved. His hygiene was a disaster! So glad he has a family that he can actually SEE now! 🙂

  3. Wyatt Burp! Classic. I love him!

  4. Congrats on your wonderfully named new family member. He sure wandered around the right school. 🙂

  5. Too, too, three cute!
    I don’t blame you — I would’ve taken him in, too. Though I have been accused of being too nice, as well.

  6. That shaggy face is adorable!
    Three dogs…I barely can handle my one. Kudos to you guys!

  7. He is so cute! I have held strong and so far we are dogless. I feel incredibly guilty for that, but we have allergy issues. 😦

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