Olivia’s Hats

Olivia collects hats. She has about 15 of them…all different shapes, colors and sizes. She’ll hang out in her bedroom and try on all her different hats and look at herself in the mirror. She loves to pick them out herself and she knows what she likes.

Olivia has a bookshare this week for school. About once every 6 weeks or so, she has to pick a book, do a project about it and then read the book and share her project with the class. We’ve (meaning me) come up with some pretty good projects. I try to do a lot of them on the computer because it’s easier for her to help me and, let’s face it, stuff on the computer is cool!!! I have no artistic ability on paper, but give me a computer and I can come up with some creative stuff!

For this book share, Olivia chose “Hats Around the World” so we decided to do “Olivia’s Hats Around Her Room” for her project. We made a movie! I think it turned out pretty great. My favorite part was that she was so into the picture taking! Up until the last year or so, it was always so hard to get a really good picture of her. Now, it’s so easy!! She sat there and put on all the different hats and smiled and hammed it up. It was fun.

Here it is. Isn’t she beautiful and so very happy?


13 responses to “Olivia’s Hats

  1. AWWWW she is amazing!!!

  2. How cool are you, making a movie! She is, indeed, lovely.

  3. It was a tough call, but I think ‘straw hat’ is my favorite.

    I love hats, too. Love them. Olivia looks great and this is a WAY cool project!!!

  4. Very cool and cute! 🙂 How fun!

  5. I love the blue floppy hat!

  6. Awesome. We’re a big fan of hats over here, too.

  7. I LOVED THIS! First of all – great choice of music! And, of course, beautiful Olivia, the hat-shionista!

    I think it’s great that she keeps hats on her head that aren’t tied down. We’re not there yet! No hat stays on my little one’s head for more than a second!

  8. Great video:) The straw hat’s my favorite – she looks just like Matt in that hat:) She has your smile though. She’s growing up to be quite a beautiful young lady:)

  9. I have to agree with the others, the straw hat picture is my favorite. Very pretty little lady.

  10. I need to know what grade she has to do this for. EVERY 6 weeks you have to do a project?!?!

    I’m screwed…..

  11. I dont quite know what it is about it, but I loved the straw hat on her!

    Cayman’s sitting next to me on the couch playing with some toys. Part way through the video I look over at her and she’s watching Olivia’s movie too. And then starts dancing. I think she approves of the hat collection too.

  12. That’s a lot of hats! What a cool project.
    I’m loving the monkey hat myself.

  13. My favorite is the pirate hat! What great pics and a cool project idea!

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