Flashback XI—Engaged

Before they moved in together, they had talked about getting married. She was 100% sure that he was the right one. Once they did live together, she was 110% sure. It was even better than she imagined. Of course there were bumps as they got used to living in each other’s space day in and day out. But nothing major. He was just as great when she lived with him 24/7 as he was when they spent time together on the weekends. Phew.

After almost 2 years of dating, and almost a year of living together, they went to Myrtle Beach with his family. His whole family—Mom, Dad, Grandma, 9-months pregnant Sister, Brother-in-law and Nephew. They all drove down separately and He and She stopped for an overnight in Charlotte.

They spent the day swimming in the hotel pool and then were getting ready to go out to dinner. She was in the middle of blow drying her hair when she looked and saw him standing behind her with a huge smile on his face. She turned off the blow dryer and said “What?”

He pulled out a black box from behind his back and said “I promise to love you for the rest of my life. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. Will you love me forever too and marry me?”

She, of course, said yes.

And while it may not seem the most romantic of proposals, it was pure Him. Very sweet, very intimate, very Them.

She slipped the beautiful ring on her finger, gave him a big hug and a kiss, and finished drying her hair.

19 responses to “Flashback XI—Engaged

  1. HA! I love that you kept drying your hair!!

    I’m a sucker for the quiet intimate proposals myself. I want the marriage to be out of this world, the proposal doesn’t have to be.

  2. I’ve loving this series of stories!!! You’ve written them so well.

    And to keep blow drying your hair is priceless!!

  3. NO, I think it was very romantic!! It doesn’t only take fireworks or hot air balloons to create romance. It’s all in the speech, and Matt’s proposal was completely heartfelt. You can’t get anymore romantic than that!

  4. Stopping by from SITS. Love the story. Aren’t love stories the best?!?! Especially when they are yours and are completely unique. I also love that you just went back to drying your hair, haha.

  5. Yay for Friday Flashbacks!!! And yes, it is a romantic proposal because it is so real. I love this story. So as Oliver said, “can I have some more please?”

  6. Love it. I was mopping the floor when Andy proposed. Pretty sure I finished mopping… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think there’s something to a less than grand proposal that speaks to a magnificent union.

  7. Ha ha, I’m with FBM, love that you finished drying your hair!! When my hubs proposed, we were late for dinner, and after all was said and done, I said, “Can we get something to eat now?” It’s all about priorities!!

  8. Futureblack mail said it perfectly. Is it still as wonderful?

  9. Love that you were drying your hair and then returned to it like nothing changed! It only shows that you already had it – the rest was just logistics:) Glad you two found each other in this crazy world!

  10. I love it! Just perfect.

  11. My proposal wasn’t romantic in the traditional sense, either, but you’re right–it was perfect for us.

    Love it.

  12. Love this “happy beginning!” Perfect, indeed!

  13. When my husband proposed to me I was on my way to the bathroom after he finished proposing and I said yes, but I still have to go to the bathroom.

  14. I think what he said to you is what makes it so romantic. What a great guy!

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  16. Cindy Jackson

    SQUEAL!!!! No, no….perfectly romantic. โค

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