Yes, my 4-year-old naps

I have children who like to sleep. I’m sorry, I know this upsets some of you. If it makes you feel any better, they weren’t good sleepers until they were about 1. But ever since then, they’ve been excellent sleepers. Including naps. Olivia and Gabe took naps all through Kindergarten and will still take one once in a while. Matthew still naps every day.

Last Friday, I decided to let him skip his nap and have a playdate. He was so excited. All was good until about 5:00 when I decided to make dinner. This is what I found when it was time to eat:

Clearly, he’s not ready to give up his nap. He was a total mess the rest of the night. As I was tucking him in around 8:00, he looks up at me with tears in his eyes (I’m sure he’ll be a performer some day, he’s got knack for the dramatics) and says…

Mommy, I’m never, ever, ever skipping my nap again!

18 responses to “Yes, my 4-year-old naps

  1. How cute! I find Kaia and Pierce like this ALOT. Yesterday they both fell asleep about 4:00, and Kaia slept right through until morning. There was just NO waking her up!!!

  2. Nothing beats the before-dinner-nap. For adults, I mean. I’d love nothing more than to smell a meal cooking while I drift in and out of consciousness.

    (Matthew is adorable, by the way.)

  3. My kid was never a sleeper and now that she’s 7, she takes naps more and more. Me? I get one every Sunday afternoon!

  4. Saw this post on SITS…. and I thought I was the only one who had a four-year-old who napped (at least, that’s the impression I got from everyone around me… it’s a bad thing or something!). God bless naptime is all I know. all three of mine blessedly nap around the same time (4 yr old, 2 yr old, and 6 mo old) and that is the ONLY reason I’m partially sane!

  5. wow, kids who like to nap. Lucky you.

  6. Awww, what a sweetie pie!

  7. Wiping away my tears of envy and grief…

    My 4 year old takes one nap a week. She gave them up at 2 1/2. I’m obviously still bitter.

    Adorable pic.

  8. Hi just popping in from SITS to say hello and off to read more of your GREAT blog I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  9. Hi just popping in from SITS to say hello and off to read more of your GREAT blog I have a lot of catching up to do!!! What is the secret to getting the 4 yr old to nap? My daughter will not nap – we have quite time but she refuses to nap!

  10. My 4 year old still naps too and she is also a mess around 5-6ish when she doesn’t. I am all for naps and not looking forward to all day Kindergarten. Boy, I think she is a mess now, just you wait. August and beyond should be FUN!

  11. OH I love nap time. Both the boys are big sleepers. I swear Rex wouldn’t have given them up before kindergarten (all day) but my friend watched him for me one summer and her kids didn’t nap so Rex didn’t. I still give her a hard time about that.

  12. I was a napper until kindergarten. My mom tells me how I suffered when my kindergarten shift changed to the afternoon! I needed my naps!

    My nephew will be 5, he still naps.

    I think naps are healthy. Heck, I should get off the computer and take a nap myself!


  13. Eli quit napping a long time ago. Keegan will be 4 in a couple of weeks and could still use a nap every day but doesn’t get one. I often find him curled up on the couch like that at dinner time. Heck, I’d like to find myself curled up like that before dinner!

  14. Two words! So Jealous

  15. OMG, he is a doll!! Do you not just want to cuddle up right next to him?

    I WISH my kids still took naps. But I can’t complain, they go to bed nicely and don’t get up any earlier than 7AM. (Of course, that may have to do with my threats when they were toddlers. Nah…)

  16. so sweet… i love naps. i only hope that someday my kids love to nap as much as i do.

  17. Ok – I can’t even comment I’m so jealous!

  18. My 4 year old naps too … he’s never thrilled about the prospect, but once the curtains are drawn, a bit of ‘Baby Mozart’ is on (no kidding, it’s great) and Peter Rabbit is tucked in beside him, he’s already starting to snuggle in … 5 minutes later, it’s all over!

    Some days he might not sleep, but just lies quietly tucked up under the blankets playing with his plastic crab and fish. And this is a kid who’s been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD!!!

    Makes later on in the day – especially that ‘witching hour’ around dinner time – sooooo much easier. Less tantrums, less whining, less ‘I don’t like —(insert whatever is cooking here)’ …!

    I think the key is – at least, if you can – to make it really nurturing, tender, special time. Something which relaxes them and makes them feel good.

    Works for me anyway ….!

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