Flashback Part X—Moving In

After dating for a few months, they decided to move in together. They were spending every night together anyway…so why not? Plus she was from divorced parents and was not going to marry anyone without living with them first. She felt that anyone can be on their best behavior for a weekend or two…but it’s a whole different ballgame living together all the time.

Over the summer they found the perfect apartment. It was a cute little one-bedroom above a ceramics shop in a cute little town halfway between her college and his work. They were so excited. She could hardly wait. He was going to move in first because she had to finish out the semester living at her sorority house. She had to make one of those paper chains she used to make when she was little to count down the days until Christmas because she couldn’t wait to move in with him.

Finally, the paper chains were all gone and it was time to move in. He was at work the first night she was there. She drove from school and carried her stuff upstairs. Most of her stuff was already there, but there were a few things she still needed to move in.

She walked in and saw flowers on the kitchen table with a card. He was so thoughtful and romantic. The flowers were beautiful…but card made her heart swell. It was a picture of one chair on a table on the front…and then two chairs at a table on the inside.

It read “Once there was me….now it is we.”

Perfectly said.


15 responses to “Flashback Part X—Moving In

  1. Oh, be still my beating heart…that card is a real heart thumper.

  2. OMG, that card is awesome!!!!

  3. I’m growing more jealous each week. What a sweet man you have.

  4. Aww. That’s awesome.

  5. midlifemommy07

    Love it!

  6. I love that saying!

  7. Awwwww – that is SO sweet!

  8. What a perfect card! I felt just like you, coming from divorced parents. I needed that reassurance that we could cohabitate before jumping into marriage. But I also didn’t want to live together stagnantly without a plan to move forward since my fear of getting hitched (thanks again to divorce) had allowed me to do that in the past.

    My solution? I told him we couldn’t live together until we were engaged. I mean really engaged with a date set and all our loved ones in the know. That way we could live together with an end goal, so to speak. What can I say? It worked for us.

    This is such a great story. Your kids will love hearing it one day…

  9. That is so sweet. And I love that you had to make yourself a paper chain. You two are seriously adorable.

  10. He would have sealed the deal for me at the card! What a great guy.

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  12. Cindy Jackson


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