Flashback Part VIII—I Love You

They had been dating for about 4 months when Valentine’s Day came around. She can’t remember what she got Him…but she will never forget what He got her.

She was living in her sorority house and he came to visit. He had on a winter jacket and didn’t take it off when he got in the house. He was also carrying a big plastic bag. They went upstairs to her room.

He started by handing her the bag. She opened it up and inside was the biggest card she’d ever seen. It was about 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide. It was handmade. It had clay letters on the front that had their names inside a heart with a + in between. How sweet.

On the inside was a very romantic letter that ended with… I love you.

They hadn’t said that yet. This was huge.

She looked at Him and said “I love you too!” and they kissed.

He then reached inside his coat, which he had still not taken off, and pulled out a beautiful red dress. She had her formal coming up soon and desperately wanted this dress. They had seen it when they were shopping a couple of weeks before. But she couldn’t afford it.

And the best part? He bought it two sizes smaller than what she wore and was shocked when it didn’t fit.

Definitely a keeper.

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13 responses to “Flashback Part VIII—I Love You

  1. "The best part", cracked me up!! What a fun story.

  2. LOL! He said "I love you" AND he told you were skinny. Keeper for sure!

  3. "He bought it two sizes smaller than what she wore and was shocked when it didn't fit." Not THAT'S the way to kick-start Valentine's Day!

  4. This was too Short of a flashback πŸ˜‰ my friend…thats my comment. Its like watching the preview to LOST and it not be on for 2 months.

  5. This is very nice story. Funny and entertaining. You're doing good. Can't wait the next post.

  6. Such a great story. No wonder you home is filled love…..you had a great start!

  7. I am hoping and guessing that this is your husband! If not, I need his number. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog – yours is so cute! I might have to try the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, thanks for the suggestion!Very cute series, BTW =]

  9. I love your flashbacks. You know I do. What a great man you have snagged!

  10. Definitely a keeper! I was thinking that the card was darn impressive, but add the dress on top of it? And the "I love you?" WOW.

  11. NEVER toss a guy who buys you two sizes smaller! LOL! How endearing!

  12. Um…the reason I hadn’t started reading these was because I couldn’t possibly only read 1 – 2 and have to wait. Tiffany, I seriously have teary eyes!

  13. Cindy Jackson

    I actually experience what you are feeling…great writing πŸ™‚ And how could he not be the one? WOW!

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