Flashback Part VII—Missed You

She was so crazy about Him. Her friends kept asking in awe..

“You still like him? He doesn’t drive you crazy yet? You’ve gone out with him, like, 10 times!!”

Yep, she was smitten.

She was home studying for exams one weekend and he forgot and drove to BG to visit her. Her friends told him she was at home and he drove back to her house anyway. A lesser guy would have just gone home.

It was Christmas break and they spent nearly every day together. They exchanged Christmas gifts. He bought her such a thoughtful gift…because she was getting ready to go on vacation and had to fly. And she was terrified of flying. He bought her a portable CD player with relaxation CDs with sounds of the ocean and the rain forest. Then it was time for her to go on vacation with her family.

She would be gone for 10 days. She was convinced that he would forget about her while she was away. He would move on. She had her heart broken before and was very insecure in this arena. In every arena really.

She drove her sister absolutely insane on vacation. All she talked about was Him; she fretted non-stop over whether or not he would still like her when she got back. They were finally on their way home only to be snowed in. She was a mess.

She and her family finally got home and the first thing she did was call Him. He couldn’t wait to see her. Would she like to have dinner that night?


She was so nervous that things would be different. She was sure that he realized that it was much more fun without her.

The doorbell rang. She opened it. And there He was.

With a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I missed you so much, He said. Later, he would tell her that was when he knew that she was the one. He had never missed anyone before in his life.

Not even when he was little and at summer camp.

She smiled and they kissed.

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