Who cares if it’s a Hallmark holiday?

I know many people think Valentine’s Day is stupid. A Hallmark holiday.

Whatever! I love it!! Why not take a day to celebrate those you love?? I like to show my love by cooking…so that’s what I did! Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast, Carrots and Mashed Potatoes. YUM!!!

(I’m still working on the shots in the dark…)

My day started with the perfect gift from my husband.

Flowers? No! Candy? No! Lingerie? No!! My guy knows the way to my heart…

The perfect coffee mug. I’m particular about my mugs and my favorite ones just broke and chipped. I was making due b/c coffee mugs are not something I would splurge on. And he knows that. Perfect gift!!

Homemade cards from the wee ones.

Fancy dinner complete with milk in wine glasses and candles. Matt and I even used our champagne glasses we got from my Mom on our wedding day.

We ate in the dining room (gasp!) and used our finest china. The kids loved it.

We wore our finest attire, as you can see. The kids seriously need to learn how to act at a fancy dinner. Oh well…they’re still little!

And what would Valentine’s Day be without some sweets?

I am seriously lacking in the presentation department. I’m working on it.

Hope you had a great love-filled day too!!

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