Flashback Part VI—The Kiss

After the long weekend, she can’t wait to go back and tell her friends about her date with Him.

Did he dress nice? They ask. Did he ask you to get a fountain pop? Did he have weird feet? Did he talk? How was it??

They couldn’t believe she wanted to go out on a second date. She didn’t do second dates.

He called her that week and they made plans for the weekend. He had to work all weekend, so did she just want to come to his apartment and watch a movie after work?

Finally it was the weekend. He had just walked in the door from work and needed to shower. So she hung out while he showered…and got a glimpse of him in his towel on the way from the bathroom to his bedroom.

Oh Lordy. Pit Pat.

They watch The Shining. They cuddle close on the couch. He has his arm around her. Life is good.

It’s really late and time for her to head home. They make plans to do something the next weekend. They head to the door.

He leans in and kisses her. Just a soft simple kiss on the lips.

Her head spins. She’s sure her knees will buckle.

She knows. He’s the one.

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