Flashback Part V—The First Date

She kept checking her answering machine. Then picking up the phone to make sure there was a dial tone and it was working properly. Why hadn’t he called? What if he didn’t get her message? What if he changed his mind? What if, what if, what if???

Then he called. She got home from class and the beautiful red light was blinking. She pressed play thinking “Please let this be Him and not my Mom!”. It was Him. Asking her to call Him back so they could go out.

Pit pat.

They played phone tag for a few days…He worked crazy hours and she did too with a job and classes. Finally, right before Thanksgiving break, they caught up with each other and made a date for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Saturday came and she had plans in the morning to meet old elementary school buddies for coffee. She had way too much coffee and ended up with that jittery/sick feeling. Also could be attributed to the excitement of the date.

What would He have planned? Would He be as cute and funny as she remembered? What would He wear? Would He ask if she wanted a fountain pop or something weird like that? She didn’t think so…but you never know.

She changed her clothes a thousand times. Fixed her hair over and over again. And her make-up.

The doorbell rang.

He was just as she remembered. He was dressed so handsomely. He smelled good. He was gorgeous.

He asked if they could stop by his parents’ house so he could pick up his mail. (He just moved, remember?) All she could think was “Holy Shit…I’m meeting his parents on the first date!” and then she remembered the sports bra incident and decided it was good that this time she would be dressed. But this time, she was his date. Not just a friend.

They remembered her, of course. Who could forget a girl at your house in a sports bra and shorts and rollerblades??

Then He took her out to dinner. Can you believe she didn’t eat? Her stomach was so upset from the coffee and the excitement. She. didn’t. eat. Just watched him. Loser!!

He was just as charming and funny as she remembered. There were no awkward pauses to think of things to say…it just felt natural.

After that, he took her back to his apartment. She was giddy. They watched Tommy Boy with Chris Farley. They laughed. They sat close together on the couch. Then the movie was over. It was late. He should take her home.

They continued to talk all the way back to her house. They talked for a while longer in the driveway. Then they said goodnight.

No kiss.

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