It’s Official…my Gabey’s back!

It’s Official…I have my Gabey back!!

Remember here when I was telling you about my sorrow over Gabe? My former “best friend forever” who now left me notes saying “Go Away!” and “Do not come in!”?? Well, apparently it was just a phase and all is right in the world again.

After I wrote that post, I started thinking about what I could do to make things better. I try to do this when things aren’t going so well in any relationship. For example, if I feel like Matt is taking me for granted or ignoring me, I pump up my effort towards him. I do little things, like take over lunch-packing duty, just to let him know I love him and care.

So I decided to try the same approach with Gabe. Maybe he just needed a little more attention and affection from his Mom. I started by putting these adorable little notes in his lunch. Hallmark also has these other little cards that are funny and more “boy friendly” that I used too. At the end of each note I’d put “Guitar Hero battle after school?” or “Share a snack when you get home?” Something little we could do together that he (hopefully) would look forward to.

It worked. He was really nice to me again. He wanted to hang out again. He started that non-stop-2nd-grade-talking to me again. I got notes like this:

He wanted to read books with me again. He gave me kisses and hugs and told me he loved me. Everything was back to normal again. Even in the midst of his stomach flu he was sweet. Like when he had an accident in the middle of the night…and didn’t want to wake us up…and he left his pile of clothes outside our door with this note:

This was a huge lesson for me. Instead of feeling bad and angry that he “didn’t like me anymore”, I really needed to look at myself. Evidently he was feeling a little left out and in need of more attention. When I gave it to him, things were back to normal.

Thanks, my little man, for teaching me such a good lesson. I’m glad I have you back!!

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