Flashback Part III—The Visit

Flashback Part I
Flashback Part II

Classes started. She went on first dates. Never second dates.

One guy had weird feet.

One guy turned out to be married.

One guy was so annoying she almost escaped out the bathroom window at the restaurant.

One guy asked if she wanted to get a fountain pop (who says that?) at…McDonald’s.

One guy made a joke about using her butt as a table.

One guy didn’t talk the entire date.

One guy was way shorter than her.

Who were these freaks?

So she swore off dating. She was done. She was only a sophomore in college but she knew she wasn’t going to find “the one” anytime soon. Especially when the one she wanted wasn’t available. That was ok…she’d just be single forever.

Her sorority sisters teased her about so many first dates but no second dates. Why didn’t she like anyone??

Remember V? Her friend from work. She called and said “Guess who broke up with his girlfriend?” Her heart dropped. No. Way.

But she wasn’t wise in the way this whole thing worked…what should she do? Call him? Go back to the store and see him?? Wait?

One night, around midnight, her friend L came up to her room and said “Chuck and Chuck are downstairs waiting for you.”


And then she realized…it was Him. He went by Chuck at work b/c that was his first name…but everyone who really knew him called him by his middle name. It was Him. And his roommate…Charlie.

She’s in her pjs…messy hair…no make-up. But it was Him.

She goes downstairs and there He is. She can’t breathe.

He’s wasted. Totally and completely wasted. But gorgeous and gorgeous and gorgeous. He’s slurring his words and keeps saying over and over again “Why didn’t you call me? You never call me. Why didn’t you call me. You should call me.” She is thinking “Of course I would have called you…but you moved and I don’t have your freaking number!!” But she just laughs. He stays for a few minutes, but not long, and then the Chucks head out. At the door He leans in close and says “You should really call me.”

What on Earth was that about?

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