Flashback Part II—Friends

Flashback Part I

The Guy she was smitten with did not leave a tip. She didn’t understand.

The next day at work he practically fell all over himself apologizing. See it was before debit cards and he ran out of cash and didn’t have a credit card. He was so embarrassed. She forgave him.

They became really great friends and the girl was ok with that. He had a girlfriend after all. A few weeks before she was headed back to college, he invited her over to a co-worker’s house for a party. She was thrilled and went, of course. It was a party of 4. It sort of felt like a date. But no funny business. He had a girlfriend.

There was another work party that they both went to. She went straight after waiting tables in her cool outfit again. She sat on the porch with her friend V and talked. She was telling V about how much she liked this guy. Her friend V was playing with her hair (V often did that) and listened. The girls didn’t know that The Guy was watching.

About 2 weeks before she went back to school, they went to a work party together. The party was a blast and they sat in her driveway until 4 a.m. talking. They both looked very tired the next morning when they were at work at 7 a.m. She was disappointed that he still had a girlfriend and was a little confused at the fact that he seemed to really enjoy spending time with her. Aren’t the good ones always taken?

Right before she went back to school, he invited her to go rollerblading. It was about 95 degrees that day, and she was 19 and way too skinny (although she would have said she was fat), so she wore shorts and a sports bra and that’s it. Can you imagine? She stopped by his house (he was living with his parents) to pick him up for rollerblading. He met her at the door and said he couldn’t go because he had to watch his nephew while his sister went to look at a house.

She sat down and talked with him for a while at their kitchen table. And then the door opened….

And in walked his Mom, his Dad, his sister and his brother-in-law…

And she was wearing a sports bra and shorts. And covered in sweat. Lovely.

She left as quickly as she could without seeming rude and continued rollerblading. And continued thinking non-stop about this guy she was so crazy about.

Right after that his Grandpa died. She felt so terrible. She sent him a card. He thanked her for it.

He still had that damn girlfriend.

She went back to school…alone.

***P.S. some of the details seem minute…they’ll all come into play later, I promise.***

2 responses to “Flashback Part II—Friends

  1. Having my hair played with is still one of my top ten favorite things….I must subconsciously think it’s on everyone’s top ten. I remember that night clearly except for the hair part. I’m glad the girl got the boy in your story. 🙂

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