Flashback Part I–They Meet

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One Christmas break, in the winter of 1994, a girl volunteered to work an extra shift at a grocery store. It was the midnight to eight a.m. shift after working from four until midnight. She was tired…and freezing. A very handsome young man, who wsa stocking shelves, let her borrow his sweatshirt for the night. She was smitten.

This girl went back to college and thought about this man. She was really hoping he’d still be there when she returned for the summer.

He was. Only now he was the manager of the store and was there during the day. When she was working. She was in heaven.

She would dress up extra nice on the days she knew he’d be there. She would tingle with excitement when the store would get busy and he would have to bag for her. They would joke and laugh and became friends.

Unfortunately, this guy had a girlfriend. Of over 4 years.

So the girl tried to put him out of her head. She dated others over the summer but couldn’t stop thinking about this man…she was totally ga-ga for him.

This girl was working two jobs that summer to pay for college. After working at the grocery store from 7-3, she would go and wait tables from 4-1 or 2 in the morning. And then repeat. Day after day after day.

One night when she was waiting tables, in her very cool mexican restaurant uniform of a purple shirt with a parrot on it, black pants and black comfy shoes, the hostess said “Your boyfriends are here. I just sat them at your table.”

My boyfriends? HUH???

It was the man from the grocery store…along with a friend…and both of their girlfriends.

The girl wanted to be swallowed up in a hole forever.

But she went over to the table and pretended like all was fine and that she wasn’t toally in love with this guy. She took their order, served them and everything went as it should. She tried to be funny and witty and look her best in her awesome work uniform.

And then they left.

And didn’t leave a tip.

Zero. Nada.


To be continued…


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