It’s Official…Daddy dollars work!

It’s Official Thursday! I would love for you to participate…feel free to steal my button and link back to me. It’s fun, I promise!

It’s Official…Daddy Dollars work! I mentioned them the other day when I was talking about That Look in the morning…and everyone wanted to know more. First off, let me say, I got the idea from Family Fun magazine…and tweaked it a bit!

So…start by going to this site and making your dollar bills. I used Matt because he’s the fun one so the kids would associate Daddy Dollars with something fun and enjoyable. Whereas if we had used my picture and called it Mommy Money, they would have just looked at me like “Yeah, whatever. Nothing fun ever happens with you!” Plus, he’s a hottie!!

After that I used a word document and inserted the picture. I made the Daddy Dollars small, like Monopoly money so I could fit a lot on a page. Print them out!!

The rest is up to you, but here’s what I do…every morning, Gabe has a checklist that’s posted. Here it is:

1.)Get dressed including socks and shoes

2.)Turn off lights and shut bedroom door

3.)Eat breakfast

4.)Brush teeth

5.)Put boots (if snowing), hat and gloves by your backpack

6.)Make sure daily folder is in your backpack

7.)Is it Library Day? If so, make sure you have your book

8.)Put your lunch in your backpack

Now, he can read so it makes it easier but you could do pictures if your child can’t read yet.

If all of his checklist is done by 7:30 (bus gets to our house at 8), he gets 3 Daddy Dollars. If not, he gets none. I’m tough, I tell ya.

The joyful and fun part of this whole thing is what the kids are allowed to do with the dollars. This is where you can tweak it and make it your own. Gabe is allowed to “buy” things from this list:

Sleepover with a friend $20
Friend over after school $6
Friend over for dinner $10
Backyard Bonfire $30
Going to the park $4
10 extra minutes of cuddling $8
20 minutes of T.V. time before bed $10
One extra chapter of your book $2
Movie night $12
Bike Ride $4
Play a game $6
15 minutes of computer time $10

These work great for Gabe…and they don’t cost me a thing either!! (Except my sanity in the case of a sleepover). But you can see that you could expand it and add things your child would like.

We haven’t been good about this since we moved because it took me a while to get organized…and our mornings have been awful. When we use Daddy Dollars, I hardly ever yell…ocassionally I’ll have to say “10 minutes until 7:30!” but that’s it.

Give it a try…I bet it will work!! Let me know, will ya?

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