The A Team

In Kindergarten, we started with this member of the team…Team Olivia. The first time we met her, I knew everything at school would be fine. Look at her. She’s beautiful. But LOOK at her eyes, her smile, her dimples…you know that’s a person who cares. Who loves Olivia. Who cares about her and wants her to succeed.

But can you also see that twinkle? That spark that lets you know she’ll use humor and silliness to get Olivia to work? That certain something that lets you know she’ll push your girl…she’ll make her work…she’ll help her achieve things you never thought possible? I see it. Olivia sees it. We love her.

And then came this member of the team. Mrs. D, Olivia’s classroom aide. They really need to come up with a better title, like Olivia’s Right Hand Woman…or Superhuman…or The One Who Takes Mom’s Worries Away. Something cool like that. With her dog Blizzard that Olivia loves to talk about. Just when I thought school couldn’t get any better, along came Mrs. D. She’s adorable…she’s fun…she’s perfect for Olivia.

Can you see her sparkle? The light in her eyes that tells you she will watch over Olivia when she’s away from me? That she will make sure her lunch is in small enough pieces so she won’t choke…that Olivia behaves in class and can participate properly…that she will do everything she can to make sure that Olivia is a true member of the class. I see it. Olivia sees it. We don’t know what we’d do without her.

And then along comes Jennifer. Olivia’s regular education teacher. She’s amazing. Don’t you just want to hug her? I was over the moon when I found out she was going to be Olivia’s teacher. And do you want to know the best secret? Jennifer was THRILLED to have Olivia in her class. Do you know what a difference that makes? To me? To Olivia? That she is wanted? And welcomed? It’s huge. It’s wonderful.

Can you see her sparkle? In those beautiful eyes and smile? The sparkle that says I will make sure EVERY student is part of my class…that says I will treat them all the same…that I will welcome them all with open arms. I see it. Olivia sees it. We feel a difference this year that I wish I could describe in words properly. But I can’t. She’s included, really included, not just in a physical sense. She’s perfect.

I try to make sure they know how appreciative we are of them. But how do you express this to someone? To tell them that all of those hours spent worrying about school and how she would be treated were for nothing because of them? That Olivia feels so good about herself and loves school because of them? That she has achieved things many didn’t even think possible because of them? There’s no way I can properly express it. But I promise I’ll try.

And let’s not forget about this lovely lady. This is Gabe’s teacher. Are you in love yet? Because Gabe is. I mean, did your 2nd grade teacher look like this? I’m not sure how any of those boys can concentrate. She’s so kind. She pushes Gabe to do his best and makes sure he’s not bored. The boy loves to learn and Jamie is the perfect teacher for him. Even though Gabe doesn’t have special needs, we still worry about his schooling too. That he is loved while he’s away from us. That his needs are met. That he enjoys school and has fun.

Can you see her sparkle that makes all of this true for Gabe too? I see it. You bet he sees it.

Thank you doesn’t seem good enough. But that’s all I’ve got. My little blog and a thank you to these beautiful humans who love my kids. You’ll never know the impact you’ve had on our family.

Thank you.


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