Wednesday Winners!!

I am not doing a giveaway this week…but stay tuned because I have an AWESOME one saved for next week!!

Last week I was giving away the giant sticker for your wall…remember? Kind of like a Fathead? Well, the two lucky winners are:

Lindy from Future Blackmail


JennyMac from Let’s Have a Cocktail

I am so excited to have them as new readers. I really enjoy their blogs and read them daily! Maybe this will clinch their readership of my blog? 🙂 Lindy and JennyMac, watch for an email from with your coupon!! I’d love to know what you girls end up making with your prize.

This week’s other winner is….Me. Because I have an awesome sister who, three times a year, gives up 2-3 days of her life to make my kids their amazing birthday cakes. The planning starts early…my kids ponder what cake to have more than they do their Christmas lists. There are talks, sketches, ebay searches to find accessories. And then the day comes…the big birthday…and the cake is always more incredible than we could have ever imagined. We can’t pick our favorite because we love them all. I would like to give a big huge THANK YOU to my baby sister, Hilary, for doing this for my children. I just hope you know how much they love the cakes…and you…and I do too.

Enjoy this montage of all 4 of Matthew’s birthday cakes…including many pictures of the latest one—Mario Kart Topsy Turvy Racetrack! It was about 3 feet tall!! Can you imagine how much cake that is? We’re still passing it out to friends and coworkers!

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