Winning the Husband Lottery

In honor of Matt’s and mine 11 year anniversary tomorrow (how am I old enough to have been married 11 years??) I am sharing the big and little reasons why I have totally won the husband lottery.

Big Reasons

loves me for who I am; he never tries to change me
was amazing after my miscarriage and after Olivia’s diagnosis
provides for us
is romantic
supports me
puts up with my craziness
makes our family his number one priority always
makes me feel like the most special and beautiful person in the entire world every day of my life; if I didn’t have outside influences, I would think I was perfect!
is a wonderful father
is my best friend

Little Reasons
makes my coffee every morning and usually my breakfast
packs lunches and gets the kids up and dressed so I can go to the gym
helps around the house
mows the lawn, which I absolutely hate to do
calls me throughout the day to say “I love you” and chat
sends me funny and naughty texts
puts up with a down comforter on our bed until May
makes the best scrambled eggs around

It hasn’t always been easy, we’ve had to work hard to make our marriage what it is today…we’ve been through more than most couples have to go through in a lifetime…and there’s no one else on the planet that I would rather have by my side than him. I’m shouting it from the rooftops: I love my husband!!

Happy Anniversary

I know this isn’t a picture of us, but I just love this picture. He’s so hot!

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