To the Doctor who told me it wouldn’t matter if Olivia could see or not….

Yes, it’s true. There was an optometrist who examined Olivia when she was 4 months old b/c she wasn’t tracking with her eyes and thought he was the shiz-nit and new everything about everything and told me that…and I quote…”It won’t matter if Olivia can see or not because she will be so profoundly retarded that it won’t matter.” Yes, those were his exact words and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I wish I could forget it…I’ve forgiven, but I haven’t forgotten. I’m sure we all have at least one story like that in our pocket.

Anyway, all of this to tell you a HILARIOUS story about Oreos and how it is one more example of how wrong this doctor was and how my daughter can see very well, thank you very much, and how, while her mind may not be “normal”, it works just great, thank you again. So, each day after school, if I get a good report from her special education teacher, she gets to have Oreos (I’m not going to lie…usually 5 or 6) and watch T.V. Well, my husband picked up the Oreos last week and thought they were too expensive so he bought generic brand “Oreos”. I told him this was bad and was not going to fly. Matt was sure that Olivia would not notice because they “taste the same”. So, Olivia comes home from school on Monday and gets to have Oreos. I put said “Oreos” on the table in front of her and she takes one look at them — not taste, just look—picks them up, says “NO WAY!” as loud as she can and hurls them at me. She was seriously pissed off that these were not real Oreos. She wouldn’t eat them. It was so funny and Matt couldn’t believe it.

Don’t mess with a woman and her chocolate…am I right ladies? 🙂


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