My daughter the comedienne….

This is why I LOVE my daughter’s special education teacher!! She just called me to tell me a funny story about Olivia…how awesome is that? So, here’s the story….Mrs. G (the special ed teacher) and Olivia were practicing her reading words and they got to the word “girl”. They started discussing who is a girl and who is a boy…so they went through people in the room, her family, etc. When it came to her OT, who is an older woman with gray hair, Mrs. G asked if she was a girl. Olivia says “No, she’s a grandma.” (Which is funny b/c neither of Olivia’s grandmas have gray hair!!) Then they got to Olivia’s principal, Mr. D. Let me remind you that Olivia LOVES her principal and has a HUGE crush on him.

Mrs. G: “Is Mr. D a girl?”
Olivia: “No”
Mrs. G: “Is Mr. D a boy?”
Olivia: “No”
Mrs. G: “Well what is he?”
Olivia: “Mr. D is a hubba-hubba!”

How sweet and funny is that???? I about peed my pants. Just had to share. I hope it made you smile!!

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