Happy This Week

I have the most wonderful husband in the world. Truly.

My kids are amazing and bring me so much joy.

I have a perfect Mom who is my best friend.

My sister loves me.

I couldn’t ask for better friends.

I am surrounded…absolutely surrounded…by love. So much love.

What more is there?

What made you happy this week?

Happy This Week

We finally had school this week after two weeks of break and four snow days!! We were all ready for routine and go back to school.

My Mom, sister and I got matching tattoos last weekend. If was so fun and it looks awesome! It’s a mother daughter symbol.


I might just have the best friends in the whole world. I am a lucky girl.

We’ve had a free pass to a gym and have been taking the kids swimming all week. They are going to work with us on a membership just for Olivia to go swim! I’m so excited we’ve found a warm, uncrowded pool for her to use! She LOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS it!

I wrote four blog posts this week!

My BFF and I worked out on Monday and ended up walking on the treadmill for an hour because we had so much catching up to do. It was such a treat…working out by yourself is so boring!

You know how you think you can’t love your husband more…and then you do? That’s been this week.

A three-day weekend this weekend! Woo hoo! We haven’t had one of those in a while. ;)

What made you happy this week?


Last year, my word for 2014 was Free. I definitely made progress towards my goal of being truly free…but I’m not there yet. But I’m still working on it. I won’t give up because it’s too important to me.

This year, I decided my word for 2015 would be…simplify. Simplify. Everything. My thoughts. My life. My schedule. My being. Everything. Simplify.

calm life

If I want to say no, I will say no.



If something comes up, and it will add too much stress to my life or our lives, we simply won’t do it.



It’s important to our family that we spend quality time together. A lot of quality time together. The kids need it, Matt and I need it, our family needs it. In order to get this accomplished, I need to simplify my life.

choice quote

I won’t say yes when I really want to say no.

I won’t feel guilty for saying no and I won’t do things out of guilt.

I will remember that it’s wonderful, for all of us, to have Saturdays with nothing to do and Sundays free for board games or picnics or afternoon movies.

I will remember my priorities: Matt, Olivia, Gabe, Matthew. They will always be first and they will always be my choice.

I will remember that my children will remember the time we spent together and the love they felt more than anything else from their childhood.


I can do this.

What’s your word for 2015?

sprinkle quote

My Children

“For me, it was a revelation. There, was revealed a completely different Anne to the child that I had lost. I had no idea of the depths of her thoughts and feelings. And My Conclusion Is, Since I Had Been in Very Good Terms With Anne, That Most Parents Don’t Really Know Their Children.” — Otto Frank

Every single day, at some point, I look at each of my children and think to myself “I am the luckiest woman alive.” I love these children of mine so much, it takes my breath away. Truly.

I look at Matthew and he’s all arms and legs and no more baby cheeks and I marvel at how beautiful he is, inside and out. Time is flying. Absolutely flying.

M 8

I look at Gabe and he’s still got his baby face and his voice hasn’t changed and he hasn’t had his growth spurt yet…but you can almost see it coming. I know one morning he’s going to wake up with a deep voice and grow six inches and look like a man. I just stare at him and think about how special he is, how gorgeous he is, how perfectly Gabe he is.

G 7

I look at Olivia and I just swell with pride. She is so beautiful, so loving, so happy. She doesn’t have it easy in this life, yet you would never know it. She is the sun personified.

o 7

daughters eyes

I talk to them about their days, we share highs and lows at dinner, we discuss friends and girlfriends and homework and sports and everything. But then they’ll say something that makes me think I don’t know them at all. There is so much about my children that I don’t know, even though I feel like I know so much. I would love to be a fly on the wall and follow them around school. I would love to get inside their heads and truly know what their thinking. But I can’t and I shouldn’t. That’s how it’s supposed to be. They’re becoming their own person, thinking their own thoughts, dreaming their own dreams.

good mom quote

It’s so mystifying watching them grow up. It really is. One day they are your babies, depend on you for everything, and then the next minute, poof, they’re teenagers. It really does fly by. But I am so enjoying watching them grow up into these wonderful people they’re becoming. I’m trying not to worry about the piling laundry, the dirty floors and the constant dirty dishes and, instead, be so very thankful that I get to mother these three beautiful and miraculous human beings.

It’s difficult to put into words how it feels…being their mother really feels like a miracle.

quote 2

That Damn Elf on the Shelf…Who I love!

I know it’s really late (and maybe lame?) to be posting my elf on the shelf pictures, but we (meaning Gabe, to be honest), did some really cool things with our elf. My friend Kelly, whose kids are too old for an elf, really wanted to see pictures of all of the cool things Buddy did this year. So I’m sharing…a little late. ;) I have to say it’s soooooo nice to have Gabe on board so that, at 9:00 when I’m already snuggled in bed for the night and I forgot to do anything with the elf, he’s more that happy to cook something up.

This was my favorite one that Gabe came up with…astronaut Buddy!

buddy astronaut 2

He tried the wrong cookies!



buddy dog cookies 2

Then he played a little golf…

Buddy golfing 1



We caught him using my camera to take pictures of his friends…with mustaches!

buddy mickey jessie mustaches

I lied…this one was my favorite! Gabe made a mountain climbing Buddy…complete with backpack and ice pick!

buddy mountain 1

buddy mountain 5

He was our tiny tree topper too!

buddy tree topper 2

He had to try out our new Frozen Trouble game too!

buddy trouble 1

He caught the Grinch and tied him up good to keep him out of trouble!

grinch buddy 2

He was tired and made himself a hammock…

hammock buddy 1

Buddy was hiding a la E.T. one morning…

hiding buddy 1

Maybe the time he made himself out of Legos was my favorite…

lego buddy 2

lego buddy 4

Being our elf is hard work…he needed a nap…

napping buddy

He went “sledding” down our railing…

railing buddy 2

and read A Charlie Brown Christmas…

reading buddy 2

and left reminders to be nice, listen and clean up after themselves!

reminders buddy 1

And was practicing riding Rudolph home…

rudolph buddy

Being silly as a sandwich…

sandwich buddy 1

and did some target shooting…

shootin buddy

and channeled his inner Gabe…

soccer buddy 1

and felt a little adventurous on a flying trapeze…

trapeze buddy 2

trapeze buddy

and needed to relax a little…just like Mom…

wine buddy

and ziplining across the dining room!

ziplining buddy 1

ziplining buddy 2

He also got stuck outside one night…but someone forgot to take a picture! On the last night he left the kids a sweet poem before he went home with Santa. I’m always glad when he comes back…but even happier when he goes home! Honestly though, even though it’s a pain, we have so much fun planning things for him to do each day. We all love watching Matthew and Olivia run down the stairs each morning to see what he’s been up to!

Christmas 2014

Hey, I’m not that far behind! It’s only January 8th and I’m posting about Christmas! Woo hoo!!!

Christmas was wonderful. Busy, magical, full of excitement, too much food, too many events and more than enough love. Just like it ought to be!

I didn’t time the “all-three-in-front-of-the-tree” picture right…so they didn’t turn out very well. But, hey, it’s for posterity, right? They don’t have to be perfect.

all 3 tree 2

all 3 tree

family 1

I love watching them dance at the Lights at the Zoo. Even though he’s almost 13, he’ll still dance with his sister. Matthew will dance with her too. They never cease to amaze me. And I promise you, my husband is never more loved or never more sexy than when he takes our daughter’s hand and twirls her around.

kids lights 1

G O dance lights

M O dance lights

Matt O dance lights

Gabe got an iphone. He could barely contain himself. He paid us for most of it with money he received for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since…

G phone 1

G phone 2

Matthew was so excited over everything. I love how you can clearly see the excitement on his face. He was the most excited when we told the kids we are going to Orlando this summer and going to Disney, Universal and Legoland!

M disney

M minecraft 1

M soccer

M tree

Olivia just loves to open presents. She tears through them like a mad woman. She got lots and lots and lots of stuffed animals and movies. Are you surprised?

O movie

O olaf 2

Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school and take all of the decorations down. I’m always sad to see the season end. Are you?

tree 2


How was your Christmas and New Year’s?

Halloween 2014…Better Late Than Never!

I realized the other day that I have many, many gorgeous pictures of my kids that I haven’t shared with you yet…because they were sitting unedited on my camera card!!! But over break, I finally loaded them on the computer, edited them and now can share them with you!

This was the first year that I was not home for trick-or-treat! I had a math teaching conference that went until the 31st so I thought I was all set…until our town changed trick-or-treating to the 30th! Luckily, Matthew’s school has a Halloween party the week before so I was able to get pictures. Gabe didn’t go to the party so there are none of him. He decided at the last minute to dress up for trick-or-treat but there aren’t any pictures!! (No Mom = No pictures.)

Matthew wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and couldn’t understand why, even though his costume was THE COOLEST, he didn’t win the contest. I told him it may or may not have something to do with the fact that there were at least 10 TNMTs there that evening. But he was the cutest.

M halloween 1

M halloween 2

M halloween 3

M halloween 4

Olivia wanted to be a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. My MIL put together her costume for me, thank God. September and October are pretty much a blur, and if I would have had to come up with a munchkin costume, well, she would have had to be something else or I would have spent an exorbitant amount on a not-as-cute-as-this-one costume. She was so excited to dress up, but when we got to the party, she wouldn’t get out of the car. Luckily we were one of the trunk-or-treat cars so it worked out.

Isn’t she the prettiest munchkin you’ve ever seen? For the record, I tried to get her to carry her Wizard of Oz dolls, but it was Olaf’s turn.

O halloween 1

O halloween 4

O halloween 5

O halloween 6

M O halloween

Gabe wasn’t home when I took these or else I would have made him sit for the group shot without his costume. You know your kids are growing up when you can’t get them all together for a Halloween picture any more! He did carve his pumpkin. It involved a knife, after all. We also tried using the drill like we saw on Pinterest and, while it was fun, didn’t have the effect we had hoped. But they still turned out pretty good.

Olivia’s pumpkin rotted. Oops. So we were left with the Nike swoosh and a TNMT, of course.

G pumpkins 1

G pumpkins 3

G pumpkins 4

G pumpkins 5

M pumpkins 1

pumpkins 1

pumpkins 2

So there you have it. Halloween 2014. Better late than never, right?

Olivia’s Mom

Of all of my titles, Olivia’s Mom is at the top of my favorite list. I love being her mother. It’s a privilege and an honor and has made me who I am today.

But it’s not easy. But motherhood never is, right?

When Olivia was younger, dealing with her syndrome was so damn hard. It was overwhelming and heartbreaking and scary. The newness of being thrown into a world we hadn’t prepared for, the anxiousness over what was to come, the worries about her health and development was just too much. But we made it through and came out stronger. Olivia was our daughter, she was perfect in her own way and we would all be fine.

The school years have been different. Before school began, it was easier to focus on her and her needs and forget that she wasn’t like all of the other kids her age. When she started school, it was harder to ignore. There were IEP meetings, new worries and lots of kids to compare her to. The whole experience as a whole has been great and much better than we anticipated. We made it through and came out stronger. Imagine that.

Lately, it’s really been hitting us hard that Olivia is growing up. As in, she’ll be an adult soon. As in bigger, much deeper worries and anxiousness for her. As in…holy shit. We both feel overwhelmed yet determined. We started setting goals for her over break for the new year. We are going to find her social opportunities. We are going to find her exercise opportunities. We are going to help her grow. She’s had a rough year so far in school, and so have we, but it’s made us wake up in a way. We’ve been so lucky to have school go so well up until now. But this year, we’ve had to start being much more proactive and it’s made us think more and more about the future. She’s not going to be able to just stay in her pjs, watch movies and play with her stuffed animals all day for the rest of her life. We need to create more and more opportunities for her to be independent and find enjoyment in life.

I’m overwhelmed, honestly. Even though I love my job, most days I feel like I need to quit so I can focus on her. I just want to make sure she’s getting everything she needs and then some. Most days I feel like I’m not doing enough. Not even close. Before we know it, she’ll be graduating school and then what? We need to get her, and us, ready. It’s a ton of pressure. And, I’m sorry to say this to those of you who have little ones because I know you feel crazily overwhelmed and praying it gets easier, but it doesn’t. It gets much harder. But we’re in such a better place emotionally and that definitely gets better and easier. I promise. But the worries and the pressure to make sure you are doing everything you should be and can be is much greater. And I’m not even discussing my worries about what will happen to her if anything ever happens to us. That just makes my head want to explode. I’ll save that for another time.

I keep reminding myself that every stage of our journey has seemed impossible and daunting and, yet, we’ve made it through with flying colors and came out stronger. I keep reminding myself that Olivia is amazing and that we will do everything we can to make sure she has a fulfilling life. Even if it’s hard.

Being Olivia’s Mom isn’t easy, but it’s so very worth it.

To Understand

Today, our first day back from break, we had an inservice. Usually we teachers dread inservice days because, very often, they’re not very helpful, to be honest. I was looking forward to our inservice today, on a Monday, the first day back after two weeks, because Olivia’s and my friend, Chloe, was presenting to our staff about her journey with autism. I knew she would be great…but I was so impressed by her outstanding presentation. Everyone was very impressed. Most of us were choking back tears…mostly tears of pride, honestly. Here was this young woman, who clearly has had struggles in school due to her autism, speaking so eloquently and confidently in front of a room full of teachers. She was amazing.

For me, I was very emotional because it felt like she was putting into words what Olivia must feel every single day. I always say I’d love to get inside Olivia’s head, just to see what she’s thinking and feeling when she can’t express it, which is often, and today I felt like I got a glimpse into what she must feel. It was overwhelming. To hear Chloe talk about what it’s like to be “stuck” (when she gets stuck on a topic and can’t let it go), what’s it like when she gets overstimulated, what it’s like for her brain to try and handle everything all at once, was awesome for me…and made me feel upset. I know Olivia struggles, but to hear what it feels like and how difficult it is just to handle everything that’s thrown at her in a day, made me…sad for Olivia. I know she doesn’t know any different, and for her it’s just her normal, but for me, as her mother, it was difficult to hear. But I’m so very glad I heard Chloe talk because I feel like I understand my daughter even better now. And I can’t thank Chloe enough for that insight.

Chloe’s talk also gave all of us as educators wonderful insight into how we can help students like Olivia and Chloe succeed in school. I think, just as Chloe said, education is the key. Teaching everyone, teachers, students, friends, family, about differences and helping that learn that different doesn’t mean bad, is the key to helping people with disabilities succeed. As Chloe said in her presentation, different isn’t less…it’s just different. She said it perfectly.

One part of Chloe’s speech focused on how communication between school and home is super important. I know it is for me. But Chloe explained it from her perspective, which felt like Olivia’s perspective, and it really made me understand even more why this is so important. Chloe told how she would get in her Mom’s car after school and have a total meltdown and, without communication from school, Chloe’s Mom would be at a loss as to what was the matter. Because she was so upset, Chloe wasn’t able to express verbally what was wrong. This happens so often at our house that it really hit home. Olivia and I both need it. We need more than “it was a good day” or “she seemed tired today”. We also need positive, not just negative, information. It’s vital. Sometimes I feel like I ask for too much from school, and Chloe helped me understand that it is as important as I think it is.

Throughout the whole presentation, I was so proud of Chloe. She was so brave to stand up there and tell us all what it’s really like to be her. What she struggles with, what it feels like, what works for her, everything. She was so honest and eloquent and heartfelt and funny. She was wonderful.

Just like I knew she would be.

If you are interested in more information about Chloe, visit her website here. It’s worth it!

Thank you, Chloe, for giving me insight into what Olivia feels inside each day. You were incredible!

Handsome Devil

My baby. Not so much a baby anymore. Especially with his he-chose-it-himself fauxhawk. Hard to believe a few ¬†years ago, this is what he looked like in his Dad’s white shirt…

ws 2007

And now look at him! He’s a tall, skinny, handsome 9-year-old!

M white 1

He makes us laugh every day. Multiple times. He’s hilarious just like his Dad. And maybe his Mom too. At his 3rd grade student-led parent-teacher conference, right in the middle of speaking, he paused, looked at his shoe and said “I have dog poop on the bottom of my shoe!” He put his shoes in the hallway, washed his hands and came back to finish his conference. He looked around and said “That’s better! I’m just glad it was my shoes…I thought my Dad farted!” We all, his teacher included, laughed so hard we had tears coming out of our eyes.

M white 2\

M white 3

I took him to get his fauxhawk trimmed and the hairstylist was commenting on how thick his hair is. I said it’s just like his Dad’s and commented that, when Matt’s hair grows, it grows out and poufy instead of down, just like Matthew’s.

Matthew looked at me in shock and said “DAD’S HAIR GROWS?????”

M white 6 M pumpkins 2

His new favorite saying, when he notices sarcasm or a pun, is to look at us, point his finger like a gun and say “Oh! I see what you did there!”

M pumpkins 3

He’s a big thinker, very serious at times with many, many deep questions. He loves to talk and ask questions, yet he likes his quiet time to just be. He’s my baby. He’s my angel. He’s my heart.

M pumpkins 4

Love you, Matthew.